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Students at Belmopan Comprehensive SchoolYouth Forum
It is essential to send a clear message on climate change to youths across the Caribbean.
Not only will young people of today have to confront the major impacts of climate change in the near and far future, but they also have to understand their critical role as decision-makers and implementers in a climate-aware society. The Climate Change Centre views this role as pivotal, and the successful dissemination of information among the youths will influence and enhance their knowledge, ultimately preparing them for the challenges ahead.

DiscussionClimate Change and Youth - Education today for tomorrow’s leaders
To sensitize the youth on the issue of climate change, the CCCCC initiated an outreach campaign, particularly geared towards the High School audience in Belize. Third and fourth form students have been engaged in talks about the greenhouse gas effect, global warming and climate change – and inherent links – with special focus on Belize! The dialogue emphasizes the individual contribution to the phenomenon of climate change and subsequently, individual options to mitigate and adapt to changing climatic conditions. Thus, it calls for responsibility and personal commitment to act on climate change – a call well understood by students!

Sacred Heart CollegeFurthermore, the campaign engages High School teachers as they play a key role in transmitting knowledge to the youth. Teachers were consulted to reveal constraints regarding climate change education in High Schools and a Teacher’s Workshop was organized to sensitize and clear up any misconceptions on climate change / -education. At the same time discussions focused on how climate change could be mainstreamed in schools in order to reach the young people efficiently and comprehensively.

A third component of the campaign is a “Climate Change Toolkit”, which is being developed and will  comprise a student booklet, respective lesson plans for teachers as well as exercises. At this stage, the content of the student booklet is in draft form.

The CCCCC understands this outreach campaign as a vital basis upon which to continue related efforts. Strategic interaction of such kind will ensure that the youth of today take the right decisions leading to the changes required for a sustainable future.

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